Community Problem Solving

Topics: Police, Crime, Gang Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: July 24, 2012
Community Problem Solving

In today’s society Community Policing and problem solving is what is needed to keep criminal activity under control. Due to ineffective policing methods crime has continued to be on a rise. Police organizations have learned over the years that getting the community involved in fighting crimes, makes the members of the community feel much safer and gives them some sense of pride in regards to the community they live in. This paper will discuss how much of an impact community policing and problem solving has had between law enforcement and the community in which they serve. This paper will also address solutions more communities are using to help control the access to these different drugs. Community policing is what is viewed as a partnership between the community and law enforcement agencies that were designed to identify community problems within the criminal activities. Guidance is provided by law enforcement agencies to enhance some type of safety within the community. An ever changing preventative measure is Community policing which was put in place to ensure that crime is being combated effectively. There are various crimes that plague our communities such as gang violence, illegal drugs, murders, robberies burglaries and so forth. The criminals of today have become much more aggressive and more familiar with police tactics which has made them less willing to comply with any orders given by law enforcement. Many children today are having to grow up in a single parent home which makes it very difficult for the single parent to spend a lot of quality time with their child. The unfortunate thing is this gap is unable to be filled by schools or churches. Children are more prone to act out or satisfy their curiosity when there is no presence of a role model within the household. When there is a lack of guidance or love, children resort to gang affiliation because it makes them feel like they have a family....
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