Community Partnership

Topics: Police, Law enforcement agency, Non-profit organization Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: October 15, 2010
The first factor that we have developed to be a foundation for our program and a steppingstone to other effective development and programs to help ensure our success in community oriented policing service is community partnerships. Community partnerships are the relationships among different law enforcement agencies to work together to better serve and protect the community and to value the trust of the people in what we are about ( Moreover, the relationships are not only developed among different government agencies, but with the community as well, such as: community member, nonprofit organization, private business, and the media. Our goal in community partnership is to work as a team. By working together with the community, a strong relationship and trust is built between the government and the people, making it easier to communicate with each other. Once when effective communications is established, working together as a team is accessible. Different agencies have their own tasks and the community has their own duties to be more effective in different areas, nevertheless, we all collaborate by sharing information and helping each other to make sure the best result is accomplished To establish community partnership, we will create a community organization where government officials are working alongside with the people in the same building. This organization will be established by both the government and the people, so either side have more power over another. Every issue will be voted and unanimous decisions win. This organization will deal with any issues in the community. All the voices will be heard and the issues will be resolved as soon as possible. Not only it is the police’s duty to patrol the neighborhoods, people in the community are obligated to keep the neighborhood safe as well. There will be a neighborhood-watch program and other programs prevent drugs and gang problems. There will be frequent meetings to ensure that the...
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