Community Justice

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Corrections Pages: 4 (1178 words) Published: April 21, 2012
Is Community Justice a Factor in
Traditional Correctional Functions?

LaShawn McNair
Professor Herbeck
Criminal Justice and the Community
April 15, 2012

When we hear the word corrections, most of us tend to think of a jail or prison. It is popularly believed that the function of corrections is merely to lock criminals up. Most of us don’t associate corrections with the community. The objective of my essay is to show the correlation between traditional correctional functions and community justice.

According to an article, Community Justice Program Division, community justice begins with the premise that the community is the ultimate customer of the community corrections system. Whereas the traditional justice system focuses on the offender, community justice shifts the focus to the safety and well-being of the community. This involves balancing long-term and short-term intervention strategies, focusing on prevention and involving citizens in the justice process. Community justice actively involves community members in making decisions and carrying out the plans for resolving issues and restoring the community, including working with individual crime victims and offenders. Community members are also involved to prevent and control crime, improve neighborhoods, and strengthen the bonds among community members, which contribute to community safety. How community justice changes the traditional correctional functions? As I’ve learned in previous chapters and during one of my essays, community justice is a type of reform. One of its focus’s is to try and prevent crime. It also embraces the nonpolice functions of adjudication, sanctioning, and correcting (Clear, Hamilton, Cadora, 2011). Traditional correctional functions include reforms for offenders such as parole and probation. The ideals of community justice can operate within traditional correctional functions, but they change the look of those ways of doing business. There are two main locations...

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