Community Health Nursing HAT task 2

Topics: Pain, Pain management, Hospice Pages: 3 (2473 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Elizabeth Boone
January 6, 2013
HAT Task 2
Community Health Nursing
Bachelor’s Program
While evaluating my own perceptions about quality of life and health promotion when caring for a dying patient with a lingering illness such as cancer I found that I have a lot to work on. Being a strong “Alpha” female I do not find myself feeling sorry for myself and usually do not accept that type of attitude in other people. I am a person who finds the cup half full instead of half empty and have a strong sense of competitiveness in life. There are times in my life that things have not gone the way I planned but I also have a strong sense of faith, a true belief in God, and the trust that He has a greater plan than I do so I must put my trust in Him. People must help themselves in order to receive help, no one is just going to show up at the door and state, “I thought you were in need of something so here I am here to give it to you.” There are plenty of programs that are out there to help anyone who is struggling with many different things in life all most people have to do is some research and then ask. As I read the profile of the Thomas’s, as a cancer survivor myself I do understand how she is feeling but I was also slightly frustrated at her for just giving up, worse yet for putting a lot of this on her husband who is already probably feeling helpless as it is. Lying in bed crying all the time is not going to do any good to anyone. There are many options for her, she is just choosing to ignore them and feel sorry for herself. So my main goal for myself is to remember that not everyone deals with these situations as I do and to listen to her and how she is feeling. Projecting my beliefs and feelings onto her is not going to help her as she might feel as if I am not listening to her and incorporating her into her own care – taking away her autonomy. Maybe instead of solving the problem for her or telling her what she should do I could ask her what...
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