Community Health Nursing

Topics: Patient, Health care provider, Health care Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: July 28, 2014
Community Health Nursing
SZT Task 2
Jennifer Ramey RN
July 28, 2014

As a registered nurse of only three years, I am often referred to by my peers as a “baby” nurse. However, in those short three years of practice I have learned and continue to learn many things whether medical, personal, or humanitarian. My personal nursing experience has been in surgical care services. The vast majority of the patients I have cared for are those undergoing elective procedures. They have chosen to have joint arthroplasty or some other type of procedure.

I have also had the great fortune to care for those who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses such as cancer and leukemia. Many times I see these patients in the infancy of their disease process, but I also see them on a continue basis during treatments such as blood or platelet transfusions. The difficulties faced by patient s such as these are varied and bring with each a different set of needs to be assessed and addressed. You become not just a nurse but a caregiver, advocate, therapist, and more often than not a friend.

It is when working with these patients that the dynamics of quality versus quantity of life become central to care. In many cases family concerns, whether well meaning or not, may overshadow the patient’s wishes. Our selfish need to keep loved ones with us can blur the line as to the patient’s own wants and needs. In dealing with this you must also assess your own beliefs as to end of life decisions.

My role as a nurse must be to advocate for my patient, to develop trust in the relationship, and to follow through with their wishes. All the while promoting compassion in our interactions,
In this case scenario, there are three strategies in which I would implement to address Mrs. Thomas as a patient. After assessing the patient and her situation referrals should be made for therapy modalities both physical and occupational, home health, and psychological/mental health for both Mrs. Thomas...
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