Communication with Others Using Voice Inflection

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Communication with others using voice inflection

The competency I wish to improve is communicating with others. This is mainly because I feel that I need to improve my voice inflection and words carefully to effectively express myself more clearly using combination of emotion, expression, language and posture.

Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another. Effective communication will only work if the receiver understands and hears clearly what the person has intended to transmit. Failing to communicate effectively can lead to confusion and not get my point across correctly.

Whether it is getting your voice heard in meetings, giving dynamic presentations, speaking effectively on the telephone or being more influential in your social or business environment, your voice plays an essential role in commanding the attention of your listener(s). Working in the role of School Business Manager I would need to become a more effective leader in order to improve outcomes for our young children and people. Enhancing my personal effectiveness would improve my communication skills so all my colleagues can understand the point I am trying to make or explain when I speaking face to face, talking at a presentation or chairing a meeting.

At present working within school I try and avoid a debating a subject because I do not feel that I am a confident speaker. Given the opportunity, I would prefer to communicate to colleagues by email which is not always the correct approach of communication.

“Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the four basic forms of communication, the ability to do them well is critical to the effectiveness of the SBM. According to Covey (1992), communication is the most important skill in life. Managers with skills in communication and presentation are able to share information, ideas and arguments with a variety of audiences. Conversely it is often evident that misunderstanding and...
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