Communication and Elizabeth

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Europe Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Chapter four

Case Study: “Elizabeth Visits GPC's French Subsidiary"

1. Drawing from your understanding of verbal and nonverbal communication patterns from this chapter, explain what Elizabeth Moreno can do to establish her position in front of French managers. How can she get them to help her accomplish her assignment in five days?

With self-confident, Elizabeth will use her knowledge she has acquire over the years working with GPC. She has to be very careful as she uses her nonverbal expressions. She should be mindful of the way she dresses meeting with her French managers. As she has worked with people from different cultural backgrounds, she has a mindset that people cultural background behaves differently. She will work with these managers and get as much feedback from them making sure that they understand her as she goes along. Elizabeth has to make sure she follow-up on whatever assignments she assigns her French managers.

2. What should Elizabeth know about high-context versus low-context cultures in Europe? How can this knowledge help her be successful there?

Elizabeth should know that in a high text culture, feelings and messages are implicit and must be accessed through an understanding of the person and the system. In low –context culture, feeling and thoughts are expressed, and information is more readily available. Text, p. 146

Europeans are from a low-context culture, people there value logic, facts and are very direct. They solve problems and line up facts as they evaluate them one after the other. They base decisions on facts rather than intuition. Communications are clear and to the point, very explicit. After all discussions there is always an action to follow.

Elizabeth after learning about the European culture surely has a lead way in communicating to the French Managers. Being that she from a background of the same context, it would be a lot easy for her to communicate.

3. What should Elizabeth include in...
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