The Leaving

Topics: Protagonist, Doing It, Short story Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Are you going to come back?

You can be a strong beautiful woman and not even realize it, people may take advantage of you and you may not even see it, they will abuse you and you will not stand up for yourself. Each time it happens you just let it slip, then when I gets to be enough, you need space and time to walk away, rethink things through and to make sure what you are doing is right. In this short story by Budge Wilson “The Leaving” the reader sees the main character Elizabeth as one in a million, while her husband Lester only appeared to be pigheaded and demanding, while Elizabeth would do almost anything for her family. She is warm hearted, uneducated and strong. First, in “The Leaving”, Elizabeth most desirable characteristic is being warm hearted. For example she is looking out for her daughter by making sure she does not freeze on their ten kilometer walk to the train station; because she forgot her wool handkerchief. “”Ferget yer hat,” said Ma. “Here” she took the warm handkerchief from her head and gave it to me. I took it.”” (Wilson108) In this part of the story, she sees past the cold weather and how much she will freeze, she still offers to give Sylvie her hat, because she does not want her to suffer. Her warm hearted personality becomes demonstrated later on in the story as well when Sylvie questions herself “”Why had we left? How long would we be gone? How would pa and my brothers cook their dinner? How would they make their beds? Who would they complain to after a hard day? Who would fetch eggs, the mail, the water, the wood, the groceries? Who would wash their overalls, mend their socks, put bandages on their cuts?” Here is shows everything she does for her husband and her four boys when they are completely capable of doing it themselves considering their age, they are practically adults. The outstanding amount of effort Elizabeth makes to please her family clearly shows that she is compassionate. Next, in “The Leaving” Elizabeth’s lack of...
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