Communication and Collaboration Strategy

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper


March 11, 2010
Al Tsai

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

There are many learning styles and personality types that can be very useful for better communication and collaboration in teamwork projects. It is important for students to understand the different learning style and personality type that can employed in a group assignment. This essay will discuss how students can work effectively as a group with intrapersonal, interpersonal, and verbal linguistic learning style and personality type of organizer, thinker, and adventurer. Among all the learning styles, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Verbal Linguistic will be very useful and a good combination for teamwork assignments. People with intrapersonal learning style have good understanding of which they are, what their capable of doing, and knowing the limits. Although intrapersonal style can do better engaging in independent project, we’re drawn to people who have a good understanding of who they are because they tend not to make any mistakes. Interpersonal is an ability we all need. They are also known as “People Person.” Interpersonal has a strong social style, able to communicate well with people, and to listen and understand other’s point of view. Typically, interpersonal learning style prefers learning in a group and work through issues, ideas, and problems. Verbal linguistic has a superior skill in reading, writing, and listening with well developed memory of the topics learned doing the course. They are effective at communicating ideas, feelings, and thoughts with a skill of leading the group meetings. This intelligence can help the group with any writing assignments and can provide and teach good information given during the class. Although learning styles are important to develop better communication and collaboration, personality types plays a huge role accomplish mission in an organized...
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