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By Sherpas1 Jan 21, 2013 814 Words
Othello=william Shakespeare
Othelo is a military general .who work for the state of vunus.he marry a young vinecian women name Desdemona Othello - Ultra-condensed version
Iago: Your wife is cheating on you.
Othello: She is? (kills wife) Damn, she wasn't really.
The bravest of individuals is the one who obeys his or her
conscience.(means) In other words, he his saying that a person who does what is right rather than the easier choice requires courage. This is proven in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee shows how brave Atticus is for putting an effort into defending Tom Robinson (a black man), when it is unacceptable in his society, and obeying his conscience.

The three musketeers- Alexandre Dumas
Wuthering heights =Emily bronet
The appointment in summeria= w somerest
The elephants are different to people=carl sandburg
Animal farm=George orwell ( mr. jones )owner of the farm always drunk Lord of the flies =William golding
To kill a mocking bird= Harper Lee

“Good people...are good because they come to wisdom through failure.” The novel by William Golding, The Lord of the Flies reveals with a person can learn from mistakes and become a better person. The setting took place on an uninhabited island. Ralph was characterized as the oldest of the boys, handsome, and confident. Piggy can be characterized as the logic on the island. Jack Merridew an aggressive boy who became the leader of the tribe after Ralph’s failure. Piggy trying to preach the rules to everyone and Roger rolls a boulder at him and kills him. Ralph witnessed Piggy’s death and ran away. From this point on Ralph discovered through Piggy’s death, that it was useless trying to reason with Jack’s tribe. Ralph ran and hides from them. As a result, Ralph learned through Piggy’s mistakes and stayed alive. William Saroyan implies that a person can learn from mistakes and become a better person. “In literature, evil often triumphs but never conquers

The novel To Kill a Mockingbird mainly revolves around a small family of three -- Atticus Finch, an attorney, and his two children, Scout and Jem. As the novel proceeds certain characters are linked with the three main characters to form a dramatic story of events, attitudes, prejudices and values.The novel is set is the quiet town of Maycomb; but the serenity is only superficial. The town is comprised of three communities: the white folk, the black community, and the ‘white trash’. Outwardly there is peace among the three, but underneath prevails a combination of hostility, racial prejudices, and friendlessness.Jem and Scout go to school together. On their way to school, they pass the Radley house; it is a terrifying place to them, for it houses Boo Radley, who has been labeled a lunatic. At the same time, their curiosity pushes them to try out ways to make Boo come out of the house. Their overtures are, however, suppressed by Atticus who does not want them to torment Boo.The main plot of the novel revolves around the trial in which Atticus defends Tom Robinson, a black, who has been accused of having molested a white girl, Mayella Ewell. She is part of the ‘white-trash’ community. The children follow the case proceedings avidly and are inconsolable when their father loses the case.The case is lost simply because it was still impossible (despite statutory laws protecting them) for a black man to attain victory over a white in the South. This amply reveals the deeply ingrained racial prejudices still prevalent among the white society which cannot give an equal status to a black.The relation between the children and Boo Radley resurfaces at the end, when it is Boo who saves them from imminent death at the hands of the vicious Bob Ewell. It is ultimately revealed that Boo is not a lunatic, but a simple-minded person with failing health and a childish attachment for Scout and Tom.The story of the mockingbird recited by Atticus is linked to the theme of the novel. It is considered a sin to kill a mockingbird, since it is a harmless bird which only sings to please others. Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are also harmless people. By letting Tom die, the sin of killing a mockingbird has been committed. But by not revealing the facts of Boo’s heroism in rescuing the children, the sin is avoided, and Boo is left to his seclusion. Tom’s death is a defeat of justice and an insult to humanity, and the readers can judge for themselves how much of a sin it is.The maturing of Scout and Jim is portrayed as well as the exemplary character of Atticus, who is without any racial prejudices or biased views. He is a highly ethical character, who chooses to fight against the ‘old traditions’ of his own community.

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