Common Problems Encountered in the Operation of Sand Washer and Solutions

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During the operation of sand washing machine, customers may encounter some problems, such as the amount of washed asnd is decreasing, the sand is leaking, the damage of sand net, bolt ollseness, vibration of sand making machine‘s fixing frame, the sudden raised noise of transmission part, gear damage due to its lack of lubrication, etc.

Here are some tips about sand making machine’s damage and resolution.

1). As to its bearing, the usual damage is lubrication shortage and seal ring breakdown due to long time’s lacking of maintenance and cleaning. Based on some rules, addition of lubricaiton or replacement of seal ring is necessary, among which requent cleaning is the most important.

2). To avoid gear damage, timely maintenance is vital. Frequent oiling and adjustment is required.

3). About the high noise of transmission part, add enough lubricating grease if the gear gap changes. Adjust and tighten the anchor bolt of reducer.

4). The phenomena of decreased washed sand or sand leaking is mainly caused by damage of sand net or looseness of bolt. So regular maintenance and replacement of sand net, together with bolt tightening is necessary.

Since reform and opening, the main route to improve the technology level of products is to exchange market for technology. The development process of the machine design of each country in the world is an evolution process, which experienced single product design, single product workmanship design and whole set workmanship design. Therefore, at present, the design of mining crushers and other machinery manufacturing sectors and enterprises are relatively weak, so mining machinery manufacturing industry should not only improve their expertise condition, but also unite different forms that domestic and foreign professional designing institute.

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