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Client Satisfaction Surveying:
Common Measurements Tool

Faye Schmidt, Ph.D., with
Teresa Strickland


December 1998

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Strategic Research and Planning Group of the
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Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data
Schmidt, Faye Nella, 1957–
Client satisfaction surveying. Common measurements tool
Issued also in French under title : Sondages sur la
satisfaction des clients. Outil de mesures communes.
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 0-662-27473-3
Cat. No. SC94-68/1998E
1. Civil service – Customer services – Canada.
2. Administrative agencies – Customer services – Canada. 3. Consumer satisfaction – Canada – Evaluation.
I. Strickland, Teresa.
II. Canadian Centre for Management Development.
III. Citizen-centred Service Network (Canada)
IV. Title.
JL111.C87S35 1998



© Canadian Centre for Management Development 1998

This project has been a joint effort involving many public servants across Canada. We would like to gratefully acknowledge contributions made by the following organizations and individuals in support of this work. The National Citizen-Centred Service Network provided the foundation with which this work was initiated, and offered ongoing support to this project.

The Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD) has been the central supportive body for this work, providing leadership, advice and funding. We are especially indebted to Ralph Heintzman, now of the Treasury Board Secretariat, and Samuel Wex, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Research and Planning, for their leadership and support of this project. We also wish to express immeasurable gratitude to D. Brian Marson for his ongoing encouragement, insight and knowledge on this subject and for the practical guidance that he offered to this project.

The formal advisory committee for this project provided expertise and ongoing feedback and has been fundamental to its development. Members of the advisory committee included: John Cumberford, Province of Manitoba, Ken Dobell, City of Vancouver, Paul Reed of CCMD and Statistics Canada, and Richard Tobin of the Treasury Board Secretariat. In addition there are many other people who made important contributions to this work. First, we wish to acknowledge Geoff Dinsdale, also of CCMD, who provided valuable feedback, extensive research material facilitating the progress of this work, and for being such a personable and helpful contact. We would like to thank Dr. Don Dickie of Canada Post Corporation who assisted this work by providing technical feedback. Finally, we wish to recognize the time and effort volunteered by various pre-test participants who provided invaluable feedback to this endeavour.

A particular note of thanks goes to my colleague, Teresa Strickland, MPA Candidate, University of Victoria. The research and writing that led to the creation of this paper and the CMT are in large part the result of her diligent efforts.

Faye Schmidt
Province of British Columbia


The development of the Common Measurement Tool (CMT) drew on the knowledge and experience of many public employees. The material presented here is our collective effort to develop an approach specifically for the public sector.

While we intend the CMT to be a vehicle to bring consistency to client satisfaction measurement across time and between organizations, it is important to note that we recognize the value of gathering ongoing input so the tool can be improved. To this end, we welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement as well as...

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