Commit Suicide

Topics: Suicide, Major depressive disorder, Schizophrenia Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Reason why people commit suicide

A suicide attempt is a clear that something is gravely wrong in a person's life. No matter the race or age of the person and how rich or poor they are. It is true about the suicidal persons have a mental and emotional disorder. In general, people try to kill themselves because of severe depression. It is always accompanied by a pervasive sense of suffering as well as the belief that escape from it is hopeless. The pain of existence often becomes too much for severely depressed people to bear. They are depressed and the state of the depression warps their thinking. For example, they have bad ideas like "Everyone would all be better without me" to make rational sense. Because of the depression as we all know, it is almost always treatable. We should all seek to recognize its presence in our close friends and loved ones. There have often people suffer it silently, planning suicide without anyone knows.

The second reason why people commit suicide is because they are psychotic. Malevolent inner voices often command self-destruction for unintelligible reasons. Psychosis is much harder to mask than depression. It is arguably even more tragic. Psychosis is treatable too and usually must be for a schizophrenic to be able to function at all. Untreated psychosis almost always requires hospital admission to a locked ward until the voices lose their commanding power.

The another reason that why people commit suicide is because they are impulsive. It is often related to drugs and alcohol. Some of the people will become maudlin and impulsively attempt to end their own lives. These people usually feel emphatically ashamed if once sobered and calmed. The remorse is usually genuine, and whether or not they will ever attempt suicide is unpredictable. They may try it again next time when they become drunk or high, or may be never again in their future lives. Therefore, in this case, hospital admission is not usually indicated. Substance...
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