Commentary on First Lady Michelle Obama Speech @ Dnc

Topics: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Inauguration of Barack Obama Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Making that Difference

“…..Success isn’t the amount of money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” – Michelle Obama, First Lady.

Those who can really comprehend what was being said can understand how gracious and down to earth Michelle Obama is. As a first lady she sees the hardship, obstacles, the pride, the determination Americans have clean across America. As a mother she knows how valuable it is to have that since of family values. First Lady Obama tells us that she and President Obama have been through similar situations most Americans go through. She says that by them enduring those times President Obama is more enlightened as to how people in America are living. First Lady Obama goes to tell us about her and President Obamas family. Obama’s grandmother was as qualified as the men on her job some she trained herself, were promoted before her. Seeing her struggle seemed to be his determination to get the Lily Ledbetter Act passed. With President Obama not only seeing unfairness but living with the unfairness he knows that this was one thing he felt needed to be done, just like the Health Care Reform. As a child, Michelle Obama’s father was diagnosed with an illness, he had no control of having. For the love of his family, Michelle Obama’s father did what he needed to do even if that swamped him in debt. It’s not right that you have medical conditions and are having to struggle more because of them. Obama knew that the Health Care Reform was long overdue and regardless of the many people who felt it wasn’t the right time, he pushed it anyway. I respect him for that. Through her entire speech Michelle Obama stressed her love for her daughters, how family is a big thing in her life. She wants her kids to be able to be who they want, appreciate what they have, and be able to help those in need. It seems like everything parents do are for their kids. The sacrifices President Obama and First Lady Parents made were to makes the...
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