Commencement Speech

Topics: Future, Virtue, All You Need Is Love Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Dearest Graduates,
First of all, I would like to congratulate you for this milestone in your life. You are all here today because you all made it, and all of you are on the precipice of the future. It’s not a distant reality anymore. It begins here. It begins today. You all entered STI Calbayog with young minds and fragile hearts, but you are now leaving its portals as adults equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. You have completed advanced technical education that will serve as the platform for you to use to launch yourselves into your futures. Some of you will go on to a college or university, while others will go straight into the work force, but each of you will travel your own path. No matter where you go or what you do, there are challenges ahead of you. What I am asking from each of you, is to meet those challenges straight on with your head held high and your heart wide open. It’s not enough to simple try to get by with life. That doesn’t move the world forward. You must try to excel in everything you do; strive for excellence in every task, large or small. Although it might no be easy to see, every accomplishment you achieve is added to the world’s accomplishments. Your individual successes benefit society as a whole because when you succeed, you lighten the burden of your fellowmen, your fellow Calbayognon, your fellow Samarnon, your fellow Waraynon, your fellow Filipino, and you lighten the burden of the world. Life is not easy, and problems are part of it, but there are various opportunities for you to make in to the world of success. All you need is compassion, prudence, integrity, humility, perseverance, and most important of all, faith in the Divine Creator. Well, you may not have the power to inspire the entire world to strive for success, but you do have the power to try to achieve it for yourselves. My challenge to each of you is to do all that you can do to reach your full potential. If each of the 61 graduates in this...
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