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By kithyam Oct 14, 2014 415 Words
The Effects of Text Messaging in our Grammar Ability as a Student

The Effects of Text Messaging in our Grammar Ability as a Student I.                    Introduction
Background of the study
College students have been influenced by the popularity of cellular telephones, just as important as pencils, notebooks and book, cellular telephones has become increasingly evident among college students. Text messaging is the most widely used feature in the phones. There are many varieties of phone models like iPhone 5, Samsung and a lot of more. Text messaging nowadays plays a vital role on our life as a student. Today’s youth are avid fan and users of wireless technology. We students prefer to use the text messaging featured in cellular phones as a way to communicate for the reason that it is hassle free and has a small charge. With these, people especially students are most prone to addiction. Addiction in texting can affect the students’ ability. It has a capacity of destroying one’s grammar ability because of the shifting of text types and by too much use of abbreviation. By this, many students nowadays leads to withering their skills around other text forms that is under or within the parameters of standard or formal English. Objectives of the study

This research will lead to the formation of questions that will show and reveal the effects of text messaging in our grammar ability as a student. The following are some of the specific questions that guided the study: 1.       How texts messaging language shortcuts do affects the writing skills of development of the students? 2.       What are the good and bad effects of text messaging for us as a student? Significance of the study

Text messaging allows us users to create our own meanings. The written message is important in terms of social value. The value of text messaging raises as the object exchanged represents not only something that is personal, but also a symbol of young independence. On the other hand, the utilization of text messaging language in the classroom is considered as an inappropriate form of language that is now affecting the Standard English and will lower our scores on writing examinations. II. Review of Related Literature

Students have encountered new challenges as text messaging language shortcuts have made their way into their academic writing classroom. According to American Life Project Report (2008), 85% of the teenagers use electronic communication, including text messaging. This situation puts hindrance to young adults spelling and grammar ability.

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