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Topics: Communication theory, Communication, Cognition Pages: 4 (544 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Communication Theories

Match the communication theories with their descriptions by placing the letter of the description in the blank.

1.____Social penetration theory

2.____Communication accommodation theory

3.____Spiral of silence theory

4.____Relational dialectics theory

5.____Rhetoric/dramatism/narrative paradigm

6.____Muted group theory

7._____Communication privacy management theory

8._____Organizational culture theory

9._____Agenda-setting theory

10._____Face-negotiation theory

11._____Organizational information theory

12._____Symbolic interaction theory

13._____Cognitive dissonance theory

14._____Expectancy violations theory


A.Explains why parties to communication experience conflicting pulls that cause relationships to be in a constant state of flux. The closer individuals become to one another, the more conflict arises to pull them apart.

B.Explains why certain groups in society are muted, which means they are either silent or not heard

C.Explains why, as relationships develop, communication moves from less intimate levels to more intimate, more personal levels

D.Explains why people tend to remain silent when they think their views are in the minority

E.Explains how organizations make sense of the information that is essential for their existence

F.Explains some of the reasons for changes to speech as individuals attempt to emphasize or minimize the social differences between themselves and their interlocutors

G.Explains that people are essentially storytellers who make decisions on the basis of good reasons. History, biography, culture, and character determine what people consider good reasons.

H.Explains the process that people use to manage the relationship between concealing and revealing private information

I.Explains meanings for routine organizational events, thereby reducing the amount of...
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