Colour Psychology in Interior Design

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An introduction to the colour psychology

The problems arising in the use of colour can be one of the most difficult and many-sided in interior design. Colour has been given a lot of attention in the world-wide practice of interior design and this is not by accident. Numerous studies have been instigated and proved the impact of various colours and their combination on the mood and the operation of people. Natural sciences gathered lots of experimental material about the influence of colour on the human body. Natural science has accumulated a large amount of experimental material on the impact of colour on the human body. In the beginning of the twentieth century it emerged in the work of M. Dogel, Trivia works, Stefanescu-Goanga in which the authors have indicated the existence of the direct relationship between colour, light and frequency and amplitude of fluctuation of the pulse of a person.  

According to their data, purple, red, orange and yellow coloured flowers caused pulse strengthening and increase in the subject, and changes using the colour red were the most distinct. Under the influence of green, dark blue, blue and violet flowers, the opposite reaction was observed, i.e. breath slowed down and pulse became weaker and rarer. Also it was established that the pulse rate at which the person changes under the influence of red, dark blue and yellow flowers, were miscellaneous on men and women. The colours surrounding a person can cause these emotions: pleasure or grief, cheerfulness, activity or, on the contrary, exhaustion etc. Almost each of the flowers with which nature is saturated is necessary for a person’s wellbeing. The tasks used by colour in an interior are numerous and versatile. Theo van Doesburg, one of representatives of group " told Style: "Plastic expression in architecture is inconceivable without colour. Colour and light complete one another. Without colour, architecture is expressionless, blind." All of this is one of the main factors in the life of contemporary people, their modern "nervous system”. In these words, recognition of colour for the ability to act as a character evaluation and orientates rights in space.

Aspects of perception of colour

Reaction of a person to colour has a complex character and various aspects:- • Physiological - when our feeling from the applied colour group, or a single colour depends on the conditions i.e. on the force, and spectral composition of radiation and the duration of exposure to the observer. • Psychological - recognising beyond colour an independent and active role, ability to cause associations and emotionally to paint a reaction of the person. • Aesthetic - the original prerequisite which is the recognition of how colour borders merge and applying them to a colour scheme in the interior.

The psychological aspect of colour perception is inextricably linked to the socio-cultural, and aesthetic. Every single colour or combination of colours can be perceived by man differently, depending on cultural and historical context of spatial location, from a spatial arrangement of a colour spot, its form and the inner voice and many other factors. The value of this problem is clear. After all any work of applied art or design - walls of buildings, tapestry materials, furniture subjects, clothes, create the colour environment forming a state of mind of the person, influencing a system of his thoughts and working capacity level. From the whole range of issues, the psychological effects of colour form a complex problem for designers. It especially questions physiological reactions to colour and the colour associations.

Colour associations can be subdivided into some larger groups: • Physiological
• Physical
• Ethical
• Emotional
• Geographical, etc.

Within each group smaller divisions contain:-
Physiological associations which can be divided into two main groups:

• Simple,...
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