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The Importance of Colour
Published on May 18, 2007 at 4:59 PM

Colour is an important part of our everyday lives. We judge how healthy we, our crops and our food are, with the help of colour. Our choice of decoration, furnishing and clothing is strongly influenced by colour. Colour is involved in almost every aspect of our lives.

People and colour perception
The human eye is the means that we use to detect colour and it is very sensitive at detecting colour and differences in colour.

However, what the eye is not good at is quantifying the difference between colours, or remembering the exact shade of a colour from one location to another.

Problems with colour perception
This becomes important if we are making, for example, components that must be the same colour in two factories that are far apart. We cannot remember the colour accurately enough to know if the colour is satisfactory when we travel from one factory to another. We can take an example from one factory and check the colour that way. But we still will have difficulty saying exactly how far apart in colour the two shades are. If we do not know how far apart they are it is difficult to know what changes to make in order to correct the colour. If the colour is wrong there will be complaints from customers or they will not pay for the products, and this will cost money to put right.

Colour measurement instruments
Colour measurement instruments help to solve this problem. They can record colour values accurately, no matter where they are, and measure any differences precisely. Instruments provide numerical values of colour which can be used in computer programmes. These programmes can calculate what changes are needed in production processes in order to make the products from different factories the same colour. This helps reduce losses due to mismatched colours, and keeps businesses profitable.

Of course this means that we must rely on the instruments to work correctly. If they do not...
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