Colors of Love

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They say in love nothing is impossible. Height, weight, distance and of course age is just a damn number. To love is a great feeling but to be loved is a much greater feeling. But it’s hard to be hurt, that feeling like when your heart’s gonna burst and while in pain, you’re just crying and crying and crying. The first time I saw him, I was starstrucked! “Wow, he’s so tall and kinda handsome. Does he have any talent and is he that smart enough? If he does, then he’s already!” When my classmates and I began to study with him the girls were like “Oh my gosh!” they started to like him. “If only I could, tsk” I murmured. At first, I thought that love isn’t true because reading then studying and vice versa are the things I only do, because my goals are to finish my studies in the best university, then to have a job with a high salary, and to have my own family, as simple as that. We are not very rich just rich alone. My mother is a doctor; in fact she belongs to the family of doctors, while my father is an engineer and a president in one of the biggest hotel and casino here in the Philippines. They both met in Europe while having a vacation in Switzerland. My family owned a lot of businesses and properties worldwide. But, even though, I can live without working, I still wanna pursue my dreams on my own. I have an older sister and she’s eight years older than me, but we are still very close. She is my best friend and mentor. She has no boyfriend; I mean she doesn’t have a boyfriend anymore.

By the way enough with my life, let’s go back to my story. After a while I get to know him and to my surprise he doesn’t have any girlfriend. The more we have conversations the more I fall to him. Then one day, he uttered all the characteristics he wanted for a girl. “Of course I want an honest and loyal in a way that she won’t flirt with others, responsible, kind-hearted, loving and sweet ‘cause I want a girl who can take good care of me, smart, has a great sense of humour, since I don’t want a boring girl and she should know how to make me smile and laugh, knows how to cook well, pretty and with a killer smile and also a prayerful one.” He said that while smiling. “Shit! His voice is so attractive. The way he smiled made me speechless” I mumbled. Then jokingly he asked me. “How about you what do you want for a guy?” “I want a guy who loves me a lot, and only me alone, protective and concerned but not in a way that I’ll not be suffocated, I want a guy who allots his time for me, I also wants who loves me not with what I have but with who I am, an honest one that will not hurt and give me pain, brave and strong and ready to stand-up for me, of course I also think about our future, so that, I want a smart, resourceful and an industrious one. The looks and talent should be there also but being taller than me and a sport minded one is an edge.” “Whoa! You are still young but you think and plan deeper than me, on the other hand, is it really possible that we can find the one for us that has the attitudes we like?” “Yes, if God and the future will be good to us. But God won’t give us the things we wanted, but, instead, He bestows us the things we needed.” “You’re right; by the way I have a class to attend to. Just study first, your too young for love.”

When I got home, I was like an idiot smiling and laughing alone. Until my sister noticed me, she asked “Hey, why are you smiling like a freak there? Want to share? Is it about your lovelife?” “Ye…” “But I want to share my story to you first” “Okay” “Do you know that my ex-boyfriend’s cousin has a friend. Then his friend has a brother that I saw a while ago in one of our stores together with JJ, my ex- boyfriend. He introduced Grey to me and vice versa. Grey is the perfect for an ideal boyfriend!”. “Wow, he’s name is like mine’s it’s so manly too.” “So a guy is the cause of your smile right?” “Yeah” “Are you in love?” “No! It has only been five months since we met.” “Denying is also lying...
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