Colonial Times

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, French and Indian War, United States Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Jadah Morrison
6th hour
Colonial Development
In the Colonial period Native Americans and White Landowners each viewed Quakers in completely different views. I hope to explain that the Quakers and the Indians shared more similarities, than there counterparts the White Landowners. The White Landowners saw them always superior and looked down on the Quakers, where the Indians shared more problems and needed their help as they they could relate to the Quakers, somewhat. The Quakers and the Indians in the 18th and 19th century related to their religion especially those found in the east. The Native Americans had different morals of the French and the British, example, the Huron tribe was considered a tribe to do business with by the French. The Huron tribe did not like the British. The Huron joined the French because they thought that the French were more powerful. The Huron were selfish and heartless and they would kill them if they didn’t accept their job. The Huron felt they could manipulate French and they would let them keep their land. Huron knew that the Mohicans, were on the British side. Overall, the Native Americans viewed he colonists very carefully. The Native Americans did not trust any of them the main reason is that they believed land could not be owned.

The colonists knew they needed the Native Americans for survival. The colonists were shocked by the beautiful pelts Native Americans made and they knew that they were the style in Europe and they traded fur for kettle, guns and other material goods. Therefore they needed one another for survival.. The colonists didn’t interact with the Indians because they came over thinking they were better then the Indians in the first...
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