College unit 518

Topics: Assessment, Nursing care plan, Evaluation Pages: 5 (2828 words) Published: July 1, 2015
Unit 518 - Assess the individual in a health and social care setting Vicky Cronin 591028

Different approaches to care planning and assessment can lead to fragmentation of care. I have received referrals for clients wanting to change providers due to their assessed needs not being met or assessed and a care plan implemented not right for the individual. These assessments were not person centred led but the ideas of the assessor and in some cases the family. This is still happening due to families who want what they think is right and their own personal views for their family member. A couple of the service users referred for assessment and change of service came from an old style of care where they stayed in institutions and residential services, where person centred care was not implemented. The care system has moved on and improved the way people are cared for but some providers and professionals are slower moving forward with the improved ideas and way of working. Public perceptions of how people should be cared for and what service users can access in the community can lead to fragmentation of care. I have supported and led my staff team supporting people out in the community and a minor incident has happened, members of the public have passed comment along the lines of ‘why are they allowed out’ and ‘why are they allowed to do that’. Myself and other professionals have assessed and produced a care plan so the individual can join community based sessions and access services the same as everyone else. Public perception can be negative with different ideas on care. Person centred care and equalities standards can help improve negative public opinions, accessing services and becoming involved in the community to help raise awareness of others with disabilities. Care providers are more aware of equality, rights and opportunities, providing training and advocating for their service users to improve public opinion.

Some staff on the team have a different approach to a care plan. I have supervised staff who I would describe as ‘alternative’, with the view that rules and regulations should not bound people. In reality supporting some of our clients who present challenges with guidelines to adhere to, mean the safety and smooth running of a particular service. I dealt with a new staff member whose approach was to allow one of our more challenging clients to do as he pleased, when he pleased with no restrictions, boundaries or guidance. I had a supervision with him to explain the care plan in place and the reasoning behind this individual’s care planning,

Health professionals who make assessments and have their approach when care planning can be quite different to those working hands on with a service user experiencing daily, any issues and behaviours. In my experience, working with some health professionals has led to a difference of opinion to care planning for the individual. An example of when this occurred was a speech and language therapist insisted my team use PEC’s as a form of communicating with a service user. The service user communicated reasonably well through his own form of signing and spelling using scrabble letters. The speech and language professional was adamant he needed to make use of PEC’s as the idea was mentioned in his care plan. The service user became agitated and regularly ripped up the PEC symbols communicating that he did not want to communicate this way. We were asked to be persistent for a lengthy period. I found her approach to be blinkered as this was a form of communicating that a large percentage of people use and therefore it should be implemented into this person’s care plan. She may have been reluctant to open up to other ideas by staff that knew him well due to feeling she must stick rigidly to the care plan and assessing only the way she had been trained to. I feel there is a culture of other professionals outside the company that expect any assessment and the actions decided...
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