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Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Thereasa Nwankwo

Human Behavior II

Ms. Marino

Response Paper

When I watched ABC Special” “I was interested in what the different teenagers thought bullying was and what they thought they should when they witnessed it happening. I wasn’t surprised that some people who bullied other children did it because they wanted to be popular or thought this was the only way to make friends. When children grow up their peers are the most important people in their lives. If their friends think it’s cool to bully someone they don’t want to be the only one to feel that it’s wrong. So they will go along with the bad behavior even if they know it’s wrong. When children are seen in a group physically assaulting another student it is because children feel more in control or powerful in group. If these children were alone they wouldn’t have even wanted to do this at all. I think that females and males have different ways that they bully as well. In the film the boys when they bully they use more physicals means to intimidate and internally make them fear them. In the film few of the young children said female bullies are more verbal they spread rumors and threaten you. These different types of bullying are both harmful and can really make a child feel bad about themselves. The other interesting part in the film was when former bullies discussed why they bullied other kids and what motivated them to do. It seems they were motivated by people being afraid of them and by intimidation. They seem to be happy to make people cry and seemed the more the victims would cry the more they would continue to bully them. If the victim showed and sign of weakness they would use it to their advantage. One of the bullies raved about how he drove one of victims to become bulimic. He would constantly taunt and verbally put her down calling her fat and making her feel bad about her weight. He thought it was funny and he didn’t have any remorse for what he did to other people.

I was...
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