Topics: Harry Potter, Barack Obama, Brand management Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: October 21, 2013
What makes an underdog
Most of people love a scrappy underdog which is one of the characters in Harry Potter. And both Barack Obama and John McCain positioned themselves as underdogs in the 2008 U.S presidential elections. Brands, too, can profit from this positioning. But why the underdog is so popular in the world? First of all, the Harry Potter is a great advertisement of the underdog. The series books Harry Potter was published in the year 1995. After the published, the Harry Potter become the best seller book and attracted a lot of reader to follow. Most of the readers become the super fans of the Harry Potter. At that time so many readers began to know the underdog, and maybe some readers were also the fans of it. So the book of the Harry Potter has set a great reader foundation. As the book was published, in year 2001, the Harry potter movie has performed on the cinema. Because of the huge foundation of the readers, the movie has become most popular one at that time. So the characters of the Harry Potter especially underdogs have been known by the audiences. Then the businessman realized the underdog was a great chance for them to earn the money, so they begin to make the products related to the underdog. Most of the underdog’s fans without any hesitate to buy its products just because of the image of the underdogs. As more and more people purchase the underdog products, the detailer realized that just the image is not enough for the brand to live long time. So the begin to grow and sustain the brand equity which means they will improve the quality of the underdog products and expand the kinds of the products. So the products of the underdogs also have a great influence on the image of the underdogs. Moreover, the underdogs’ producers indentify their target customers which are the fans of the Harry Potter, and also can identify product features and associations that are different or similar to their competitors. Consumers not only would prefer underdog...
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