College Granting Free Tuition Will Have an Impact

Topics: Learning, Higher education Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Thesis: College granting free tuition will have an impact.
By looking at the cost of tuition for college and university, I argue that post-secondary should be granting free tuition to those who want to attend college. It is important because it will have an impact on the number of people in poverty and the amount of people who enter and graduate college, and all of the fields would advance more with higher educated workers. Anyone should have the right to attend college without the fear of overwhelming debt to do it.

Being able to attend college for free will want those in poverty to come in and learn so then they can get a job and live a normal life. The amount of people and families that are in debt is very high. Families will spend a ton of money on bills, while paying for their children’s tuition. Isn’t that a bit too much? If the tuition was costly, students that are smart enough but don’t have the money can’t attend. That would just be bad that the college they applied to attend doesn’t accept the people with the smarts because that person doesn’t have enough money. With free tuition, it will lessen the debts that the family and others have. To those who live in poverty and do not attend for financial reasons a means of stepping out of their cycle and use their talents and skills when in college. College can’t just be for the wealthy or high class, it should be for those who want to have an education. There will be more people wanting to attend college, the more people will graduate

Free tuition will have an impact on the amount of people who enter and graduate from college or university. The people who do not go to college rarely advance in life. College would increase the amount of useful human being that we have around. With the vast amount of student who attend and learn in college, the more educated workers we will have in our society.

All of the fields would advance more with higher educated workers. The learning that they receive gives them...
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