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College and high school have the same goal; which is to educate students and give them knowledge that will help them along the way in life. They both allow for growth and development, but have two completely different experiences. While high school is mandatory and helps prepare students for college academically, it can also teach life lessons that will never be forgotten. College is typically for students who would like to continue their education at a higher level and work towards achieving their career goals. College and high school are both stepping stones towards a brighter future. The majority of students in America have attended high school. It is a requirement for students ages 13-18. Students are required to complete grades 9-12, or have a certain amount of high school credits to receive a high school diploma. In California, the “CAHSEE” has to be passed. The CAHSEE is the “California High School Exit Exam” which ensures that students are able to complete grade level math, writing, and reading. On the other hand, college is a place that not every high school student has attended. College is a choice. Some people do not attend college; there are other choices such as working a full time job or even joining the army. College is for students who would like to continue their education to obtain a degree in their field of study.

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Because high school is mandatory it is also free. Students are only required to pay for items such as yearbooks, class pictures, and prom tickets. College on the other hand, is very expensive. Some colleges, such as the University of Southern California, are over 20,000 a semester. On the other hand, other colleges such as community colleges are not as expensive as private colleges or ivy league schools. They cost about 40 dollars a unit. In college, students have to pay to attend classes, pay for books, and parking passes if they have a car. They also have to pay more if they are planning on living in a dorm or...
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