Collapse in NYC, MJ in California, Bullets in Colorado

Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: May 7, 2013
2001: New York City
Diligent and rushed and fearful. Smoke coats the air. Rude honks dominates the ears. Cars stutter to a reluctant halt. Firemen and police rush about the road, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Tons of rubble are scattered upon the pavement, but the bystanders hardly notice the ground.
In New York, two attacks made the world shiver in fear. Dark skin and turbans suddenly seemed antagonistic as nineteen hijackers collapsed tall buildings, the people inside and their respective family in a state of sorrow.

2009: California
Michael comes from Indiana, in a small, middle class home. There, his father relives his glory days through his five young sons. Some days, he would slip off an old belt and put those boys over his knee, while the mother cried for mercy on behalf of her sons. Michael was a small boy when he was handed a microphone, a sheet of music and sat through hours listening and singing, while all the other children were outside chanting those ever so repetitive nursery rhymes to the beat of a fraying bit of rope.

He comes from Indiana. There he records music with his four older brothers and plays alone in the streets.
He comes from Motown. He came to it with several songs in his name and a rare talent for dancing to back it up. He stayed with Motown singing and dancing, while half-crazed fans cheered, booed and criticized. On the stage, his chocolate skin gleamed under the hot lights, revealing his inner thoughts to the world to a dark audience.

He comes from California. In California, he marries a woman named Lisa as well as a woman named Debbie Rowe and he loved so many more. Lisa supported Michael during his pain medication addiction and convinced him to enter to drug rehabilitation. Debbie supported his children two years later. Much later, after the creation of the Neverland Ranch, he weakly defended himself from accusations of child molestation and pedophilia. At every minute of the day,...
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