Collage and Synthetic Cubism

Topics: Pablo Picasso, Collage, Cubism Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: November 7, 2005
Art History II
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What is Cubism? Cubism is a revolution in the artist's approach to space, both in the flat surface of the picture and in sculpture. In this essay the things that will be discussed are two different styles of Cubism, which are Analytic and Synthetic Cubism. Also the artists who invented Cubism and those artists are Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

Analytic Cubism fragmented objects into abstract geometric forms. Good examples of Analytic Cubism are Braque's, Violin and Picher and Picasso's, Head of a Woman. In Braque painting it is obvious to see a geometric exploration of three-dimensional space by the combining bold strokes of color. He did this by using dark greens and browns. Braque makes his edges crisp in the individual shapes in the painting. The reminders of natural space are the violin, pitcher, a brief reference to the horizontal surface of a table, and a vertical architectural support that is on the right. Picassos sculpture; Head of a Woman was the first in Cubism. Picasso sculpts the hair in Analytic Cubism and the facial features are in geometric rather than organic. Picasso created two diagonal planes with the head and neck.

Synthetic Cubism arranged flat shapes of color to form objects. A great example of Synthetic Cubism is Picasso's, Three Musicians. Picasso uses flat shapes to build the three musicians and uses bright colors to sprat them. He has the monk in the painting turned toward the viewer. Picasso painted shapes that seem like flat paper was pasted on like it was a collage. The air space is filled geometry and the dogs under the table occupy more traditional space.

Comparing and contrasting Analytic and Synthetic Cubism, Analytic Cubism has a three-dimensional structure and as for Synthetic Cubism has on three-dimensional use. An example of this is in Braque's, Violin and Picher where he uses shadows to make the shapes jump out. Synthetic Cubism occupies more...
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