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Cognos Report Studio

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Insertable objects pane:5
Properties pane:6
Explorer bar:6
Work Area:6

Basic Report Structure:6

Creating a report:8
Specify the Package8
Choose a Report Template9
Add Data to a Report10
Running a Report Against a Dimensional Data Source11
Convert a Report to a Template12
Create a Query Studio Template13
Types of Reports13
List Reports:13
Group Data:14
Crosstab Reports:16
Crosstab Nodes and Crosstab Node Members:17
Moving Crosstab Nodes17
Crosstab Node Creation Option:18
Create a Nested Crosstab Report19
Create a Discontinuous Crosstab20
Change a List into a Crosstab22
Add Aggregate Data to a Crosstab Report24
Create a Column Chart to Plot Order Trends26
Customize a Chart28
Customize the Colors of a Chart29
Change a Chart Background29
Add a Baseline to a Chart30
Create a Drill-through Chart32
Steps to Create the Target Report32
Steps to Create the Source Chart33
Create a Drill-up and Drill-down Chart35
Customize the Axis Titles36
Convert a List into a Repeater38
Create Mailing Labels38
Add a Header or Footer41
Add Borders42
Add Text42
Specify the Font43
Add Color43
Insert an Image44
Insert a Background Image44
Add a Bookmark45
Add a Multimedia File to a Report48
Apply a Table Style50
Apply Padding51
Add a Page51
Create Page Sets52
Join Nested Page Sets52
Preparing a Product List Report53
Swap Columns and Rows55
Setting Object Properties55
Working with Data55
Filter Data56
Sort Data60
Perform Advanced Sorting60
Create Sections:61
Remove Sections62
Add a Summary62
Add Queries to a Report:63
Create a Union Query:63
Create a Join Relationship65




Report Studio is a Web-based tool that professional report authors use to build sophisticated, multiple-page, multiple-query reports against multiple databases. With Report Studio, you can create any report that your company requires, such as invoices, statements, and weekly sales and inventory reports.


To work effectively in report studio, you must
➢ Familiarize yourself with the user interface
➢ Understand basic report structure
➢ Know how to work with report objects
➢ Set the options you want


The report studio user interface has two panes, an explorer bar and a work area. [pic]

Insertable objects pane:

The Insertable Objects pane contains objects that you can add to a report. It contains these tabs: ➢ The source tab contains items from the package selected for the report, such as data items and calculations. ➢ The data items tab describes the queries created in the report. ➢ The toolbox tab contains a variety of objects that you can add to the report, such as text and graphics.

Properties pane:

The Properties pane lists the properties that you can set for an object in a report. You can obtain additional information about a property by selecting it and clicking F1. For example, you can view the list of objects that uses each property. Note: View a description of the currently selected property at the bottom of the pane. From the View menu, click Property Descriptions.

Explorer bar:

Use the following...

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