Cognitive Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Brain, Cognitive psychology Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: November 18, 2013
The development of modern psychology.
Discuss how the subject matter of Psychology changed and evolved across the history of the discipline, from the early Empiricists to modern Cognitive approaches. 2010 Outline how the methods of investigation and subject matter of Psychology have changed from its early philosophical beginnings to modern cognitive approaches. 2011 Briefly outline how the discipline of psychology has evolved from its early philosophical beginnings into modern experimental field of study. 2012 . We can trace ideas and speculations about human nature and behaviour back to the fifth century BC, when Plato, Aristole, and other Greek philosophers were grappling with many of the same issues that concerned psychologists today. These include some of the basis topics covered such as memory, learning , motivation, thought, perception and abnormal behaviour. Thus a starting point of psychology could bring us back to Ancient Greek philosophical times. Or we could view psychology as a new field, a mere 200 years old. When modern psychology emerged from philosophy and other early scientific approaches to claim its own identity as a formal field of study. What distinguishes modern psychology from its roots of prior centuries are the techniques employed that distinguish the older discipline of philosophy from modern psychology and mark the emergence of psychology as a separate, primarily scientific field of study. Only when researches began to rely heavily on carefully controlled observation and experimentation did psychology begin to attain an identity separate from its philosophical roots. Much of the history of modern psychology is the story of the continuing development of tools, techniques and methods to achieve this increased precision and objectivity, refining not only the questions psychologists asked but also the answers they obtained. As such, the history of psychology is effectively the same thing as the history of the psychological...
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