Coercive Acts and Quebec Act

Topics: United Kingdom, American Revolution, British Empire Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: February 9, 2010
Coercive Acts and Quebec Act
The Coercive Acts and the Quebec Acts were British responses to actions that were taking place in the British colonies in America. The Coercive Acts were a series of four acts passed during the spring of 1774. The Boston Port Act closed the port of Boston until the people paid for all the tea that was thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party. The amount of tea thrown over was equal to more than seven hundred thousand dollars in the year 2007. Parliament also passed a new Quartering Act, which allowed British troops to stay in the homes of the people of Boston whenever they felt needed. The Administration of Justice Act allowed British officials and soldiers to be tried for crimes they committedin another colony or back in England. Massachusetts Government Act completely overturned the Massachusetts Charter of 1691. The Massachusetts Government Act made the council appointive and it also restricted town meetings. The King also named General Gage who was the commander of the British army in North America at the time the new governor of Massachusetts. A fifth law was also passed that was not related to the Coercive Acts but was just as significant and this law was called the Quebec Act. The Quebec Act provided the Roman Catholic Church and French civil law in the Province of Quebec. The Quebec Act also gave legislative power to an appointive governor and council. This power did not include the ability to tax though. The act extended the boundaries of Quebec to the area between the Ohio River and the Great Lakes. These series of laws that were passed by British Parliament caused an outrage in the colonies of North America. The colonist came up with their own name for the series of acts and laws that were passed and they called them Intolerable Acts. The colonist felt as though the British had a plot against the American’s rights and liberties. The British felt as though they needed to get control over their colonies. Who was...
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