Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics Comparison Paper
Melissa J. Diehl
Liberty University
September 2, 2012


Different organizations are driven by specific sets of code of ethics, which are used to protect many different aspect of the organizations, specifically the client, counselor, and organization. Concerning the standards of a counselor, their ethics are not only provided by the laws of the state or their practice, but also outside sources who present basic values and regulations of ethical standards in their code of ethics. This paper will look at two specific associations: the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). The purpose of this paper is to discuss both the similarities as well as differences of these two organizations and their standards of ethics. While discussing the AACC and ACA organizations standards, this paper will also look at three specific areas which we chosen to compare and contrast: confidentiality, fees, and competence.

ACA and AACC Code of Ethics Comparison

The ACA and AACC codes of ethics were put into practice to protect the client, counselor, and organization. The ACA code of ethics was put into practice in 2005 with the mission to promote the development of professional counselors, advancing the counseling profession, and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and diversity. (ACA, 2005, p. 1) In 2004 the AACC code of ethics was designed with the primary goal of honoring Jesus Christ and his Church, promote excellence in Christian counseling and bring unity to Christian counselors. (AACC, 2004, p. 1) One of the bigger differences in the two codes of ethics is the Christian principles and biblical foundation that guides the AACC code of ethics. Each code of ethics explores the rights of the client...

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