Coca Cola Case Study

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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc398493341 \h 3Coca Cola Mission and Vision PAGEREF _Toc398493342 \h 4Mission PAGEREF _Toc398493343 \h 4Vision PAGEREF _Toc398493344 \h 4Winning Culture PAGEREF _Toc398493345 \h 4Coca Cola Key Executives PAGEREF _Toc398493346 \h 6Board of Directors PAGEREF _Toc398493347 \h 6Senior Operations Leadership PAGEREF _Toc398493348 \h 6Senior Functional Leadership PAGEREF _Toc398493349 \h 6Coca Cola Brief History PAGEREF _Toc398493350 \h 7History of Coca Cola PAGEREF _Toc398493351 \h 7Becoming a Company: Coca Cola PAGEREF _Toc398493352 \h 8Backbone of the Coca Cola Company: The Bottlers PAGEREF _Toc398493353 \h 9Organizational Chart of Coca Cola Company PAGEREF _Toc398493354 \h 10Industry Overview PAGEREF _Toc398493355 \h 11What are Dominant Economic Factors in Soft Drink Industry? PAGEREF _Toc398493356 \h 11Five Competitive Forces for Soft Drink Company PAGEREF _Toc398493357 \h 11Key Success Factor PAGEREF _Toc398493358 \h 13External Environment PAGEREF _Toc398493359 \h 14Threats of New Entrants: LOW PAGEREF _Toc398493360 \h 14Threat of Substitute: VERY HIGH PAGEREF _Toc398493361 \h 15Degree of Rivalry: VERY HIGH PAGEREF _Toc398493362 \h 15Bargaining power of Buyer: HIGH & INCREASING PAGEREF _Toc398493363 \h 15External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix PAGEREF _Toc398493364 \h 16Internal Environment PAGEREF _Toc398493365 \h 18World Leader in Soft Drink PAGEREF _Toc398493366 \h 18Wide Geographic Coverage PAGEREF _Toc398493367 \h 19Good Financial Performance PAGEREF _Toc398493368 \h 19Negative Publicity PAGEREF _Toc398493369 \h 19Lack of Diversification PAGEREF _Toc398493370 \h 20Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix PAGEREF _Toc398493371 \h 20Competitive Profile Matrix PAGEREF _Toc398493372 \h 21Political Eco Social Tech Legal Environmental: PESTLE Analysis PAGEREF _Toc398493373 \h 22Political Analysis PAGEREF _Toc398493374 \h 22Economic Analysis PAGEREF _Toc398493375 \h 22Socio Analysis PAGEREF _Toc398493376 \h 23Technological Analysis PAGEREF _Toc398493377 \h 23Legal Analysis PAGEREF _Toc398493378 \h 24Environmental Analysis PAGEREF _Toc398493379 \h 24Porters 5 Forces Competitive position PAGEREF _Toc398493380 \h 24Threat of New Entrants/Potential Competitors PAGEREF _Toc398493381 \h 24Rivalry among Existing Firms PAGEREF _Toc398493382 \h 25Threat of Substitute Products PAGEREF _Toc398493383 \h 26The Bargaining Power of Buyers PAGEREF _Toc398493384 \h 26The Bargaining Power of Suppliers PAGEREF _Toc398493385 \h 27SWOT Matrix for Coca Cola Company PAGEREF _Toc398493386 \h 28Strengths PAGEREF _Toc398493387 \h 28Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc398493388 \h 28Opportunity PAGEREF _Toc398493389 \h 28Threats PAGEREF _Toc398493390 \h 29TOWS Matrix PAGEREF _Toc398493391 \h 30Strategic Positioning & Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE Matrix) PAGEREF _Toc398493392 \h 31Boston Consulting Matrix (BCG Matrix) PAGEREF _Toc398493393 \h 33Internal External Matrix (IE Matrix) PAGEREF _Toc398493394 \h 34Quantitative Strategy Planning (QSM) Matrix PAGEREF _Toc398493395 \h 35Corporate Disclosure PAGEREF _Toc398493396 \h 36FINANCIAL REPORTS PAGEREF _Toc398493397 \h 38Profit & Loss Statement-Income Statement PAGEREF _Toc398493398 \h 38Cash Flow Statements PAGEREF _Toc398493399 \h 39Balance Sheet PAGEREF _Toc398493400 \h 40Financial Ratios PAGEREF _Toc398493401 \h 41Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc398493402 \h 42References PAGEREF _Toc398493403 \h 44 Executive SummaryCoca-Cola Company is a carbonated soft drink sold in more than 200 countries and producing 400 brands consisting of beverage products such as water, juice drinks, sports drinks and...

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