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 The Production, Distribution, and Marketing of Coca Cola, by Lateifa Hope

Lateifa Hope
Organization & Management
Fall 2011
December 2, 2011

The Production

Raw Materials
Coca-Cola consists of 94 % carbonated water. Carbon Dioxide acts as a mild preservative giving the beverage that special sparkle. Carbon dioxide is the main ingredient in all soft drinks because it’s non-toxic, cheap, and easy to liquefy. Sugar is the second main ingredient in Coca-Cola in which it makes up 7-12% of the beverage. Sugar is used in two forms dry and liquid form; adding sweetness and zest for the drink. Sugar enhances the “mouth feel”, which is a significant constituent for consumer satisfaction. Sugar gives Coca-Cola an active balance in flavors and acids. The complete flavor of Coca-Cola depends on the balance of sweetness, tartness, and acidity. Phosphoric Acids add an edge to the initial taste and boost the thirst- quenching experience that arouses saliva flow. Very few additives are used to enhance the taste, aroma, and aroma of Coca-Cola. The caramel color adds to the emulsions that enhance the eye appeal of the beverage. An emulsion is a mixture of liquids that are usually irreconcilable. Consisting of water based elements like pectins, gums, oil based liquids, and preservatives. Caffeine gives Coca-Cola the extra kick that keeps consumers intrigued.

The Coca- Cola factory is located in Atlanta, Georgia in which it is a registered trademark. The factory was constructed from 1921 to 1948 and built primarily to house Coca Cola’s syrup. The complex is spread over a 9.4-acre (38,000 m2) site, including a two-story brick syrup factory/sugar warehouse. The Coca- Cola factory was completed in 1948 initially to store syrup and to make operations as well as Coca-Cola Company’s chemistry department.

Factory Layout


Coca Cola Filling Machine
Fully automatic
Speed: 2000-30000 BPH
Technology made in Taiwan and Germany
Processing, washing, filling and capping

Labeling Machine
Attach Labels
Labels in seconds
Reduces label waste
Makes disposal neat and orderly
Cleaning Machine
Polishes bottles & cans
Sterilizes before beverage storage

Vending Machines
High capacity holding 312 12oz/1pint bottles.
Electronic health timer keeps items fresh at all times.
Credit card capable.
Can vend 10 different items
The milk merchandiser has a vandal resistant exterior
Dimensions: 72"H x 37"W x 35.5"D
Comes with refurbished Coinco or Mars changer & validator
Parts Warranty: 90 days
We are the authorized factory distributor for this machine Quality Control Measures

Coca Cola follows firm water quality standards acceptable dissolved solids, alkalinity, chlorides, sulfates, iron, and aluminum. Clean water is not only a public health interest but it also simplifies the production process and maintains balance in flavor, color, and body. The National Soft Drink Association set standards for modifying the quality of sugar. Coca Cola produces its products with high quality sugars to prevent spoiling. When producing Coca Cola the sugar must be carefully handled in a dry sanitary atmosphere. Coca- Cola performs microbiological and other tests regularly to ensure the quality of their product.

Coca Cola thoroughly inspects their raw materials before mixing other ingredients because some preservatives may not kill all bacteria. Tanks, pumps, and containers are carefully sterilized and constantly supervised. Cans, made of aluminum alloy or tin-coated low-carbon steel, are inspected internally to seal the metal to prevent oxidization from contact with the beverage. Coca Cola recommends precise storage conditions to retailers to assure beverages do not spoil. Coca Cola can survive on a shelf for usually one...

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