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The Development of Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns (1886 - 2007)

The Development of Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns (1886 -2007)

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The Development of Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns (1886 -2007)

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CONTENTS Chapter I: The Basic Concepts of Advertising 7 1. Brief History of Advertising 7 1.1. Preliminary forms 8 1.2. Result of urban growth 8 1.3. Advertising in Modern World. 8 2. Variety of Definitions 9 2.1. What is Advertising? 9 2.2. Basic Definitions 10 2.3. Types of Advertising 10 2.4. Principal Objectives 15 2.5. Definition and Examples of Advertising Campaigns 18 Chapter II: The Development of Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns 22 1. Brief History of Coca – Cola 22 2. The Beverage Industry During the Last Fifty Years 27 3. Coca-ColaAdvertising Campaigns 29 3.1. Development of „Cola Ads‟ in early campaigns 30 4. Examples of Coca-Cola Campaigns. 35 4.1. Coca-Cola: Campaigns in Colombia, India and UK 35 4.4. The Year of Zero Coke:2007 Campaign 41 5. New Image of Santa Claus: A Case in Point 44 Chapter III: The Discourse Analysis and Advertising 48 1. Discourse Analysis 48 1.1. Short History of AD 52 1.2. Hypothetical perspectives and Major Topics of Interest 53 1.3. Types of Discourse Analysis 54 1.4. Uses and Rules of DA 54 1.5. Reliability and Validity 55 1.6. Advantages and Disadvantages 56 1.7. The Language of Advertising 56 1.8. Language in Coca-Cola Slogans (1886-2007) 59 1.9. Coca-Cola Language Board 67 1.9.1. Hall of Fame for Coca-Cola and Ty Cobb 68 1.9.2. Coca-Cola 'Happiness Factory' 71 CONCLUSION 74 BIBLIOGRAPHY 76

The Development of Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns (1886 -2007)

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The major purpose of this thesis is to present how the Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns have developed since the birth of the Coca-Cola Company in May, 1886 till now, 2007. From the beginning of civilisation we are exposed to the influence of advertising in variety of forms. Advertising is everywhere: in the sky, at home, in the street, at school, in hospitals and so on. Having the essential knowledge in the field, advertising campaigns are an efficient tool in the hands of companies that gain more power in a global market. They want to attract more and more consumers who buy and remember their products. Well–known advertising campaigns such as those created by Coca-Cola are a key to success on the international market only if they are constantly being brought up to date and if they take into consideration the changing needs of consumers. One of the most popular companies, Coca-Cola, has scored a success that one has never ever dreamt about before.

The First Chapter presents basic concepts of advertising including: a definition of advertising and advertising campaigns, major types and objectives of ads. Moreover, it contains a brief history of advertising: its first forms, effects of industrialization in the field of advertising and product promotion in modern world. The Penultimate Chapter depicts a brief history of the “Coke” and focuses on the Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns development from very early forms in the first campaigns through newer campaigns in Colombia, India and UK till the time of “The Year of Zero Coke: 2007”. Moreover, this chapter presents a general overview of the

The Development of Coca-Cola Advertising Campaigns (1886 -2007)

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beverage industry activity during the last fifty years and the case of changing the national symbols such as Santa Claus which is transparently emphasized.

The Third Chapter is devoted to the language analysis in advertising...

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