Cobbler: Julius Caesar and Rome Bro Brutus

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 5 (377 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Wow Cesar’s coming home party at my house BYOT bring your own toga Flavius
Wow. What do you think you’re doing you said the exact same thing last week about Pompeii you’re just looking for an excuse to party Cobbler
Come just let us have a good time I work hard and btw partying is good for business Flavius
Then you should be at work instead of goofing off in the streets Marulus
Seriously you Caesar isn’t even that great
Says you

Getting pumped for the big race #justdoit
Don’t forget to hit Calpurnia as you go by! The woman is as barren as the Sahara Calpurnia

Bruh I got a funny feeling about these ides of March bro you should probably watch out @emperor caeser Caesar
What come say that to my face!
I’m just saying bro
Freaking troll

In chat log

Hey man
What do you think about this Caesar Guy?
I guess he’s pretty cool did you see that bit he did with the crown? Cassius
Cuz you know lately it’s been feeling like he’s been getting too much power
We should do something about it
You know for Rome and stuff
Well if it’s for Rome I don’t see why not….
But bro
He’s the king
But Bro
It’s for the good from
Rome bro

Emperor Caesar
I don’t know about this cassius guy……..
Forget the haters bro you’re too cool for them 
I am aren’t I……?

You casica
Do you think Caesar looks a little sad today?
Why? You were there weren’t you? Did you see that thing he did with the crown? The crowd was going crazy!

They tried to give it to him three times right?
Bro Who was trying to give it to him
Anthony yo. But did you see what was happening in the market? Caesar started jerking and foaming from the mouth! It was sick

Yeah that figures. Anyway keeping thinking about what we talked about Brutus think of Rome bro.

Brutus went from being married to its complicated
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