Coaching Observation

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Coaching Observation 1

The average football fan may assume that football is an attractive, prestigious, and glorifying sport when seen on television. Little does the average fan know the mental toughness, criticism, and commitment it takes to play on Saturdays. Every year college football programs pride themselves on their recruiting classes of twenty or more high school athletes. Four years later, the same class of twenty highly touted high school athletes will usually be cut down to five or ten players. Players usually transfer if they’re not playing, fail out of school, or simply quit because they are incapable of handling the mentally exhausting year-round schedule. It is because of this that it is imperative to have a coach that is willing to help the players get through the difficult times a collegiate football player experiences. I chose to observe a coach from the West Virginia University football team. Jeff Casteel is the defensive coordinator. Jeff started coaching in 1984 at California University of Pennsylvania and is currently the linebackers coach at West Virginia University. He’s a very personable, knowledgeable, and disciplined coach that takes his job serious. He coaches his players as if they were his own son. I admire the coaching techniques Jeff uses and intend to correlate some of his behaviors with my own. Coaching Behavior Assessment System is a system developed to permit the direct observation, analysis, and coding of a coach’s behavior in a natural setting. It consists of 12 behavioral classes divided into eight kinds of reactive behavior and four kinds of spontaneous behavior. Reactive behavior of a coach occurs in response to athlete’s behavior and the level of performance. Spontaneous behavior is not provoked or directly Coaching Observation 2

linked to the observed performance of the athlete, and the behavior may be either relevant or irrelevant to a game or performance During my observation of Coach Jeff Casteel,...
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