Clubbing Culture

Topics: Nightclub, Disc jockey, Discothèque Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: April 28, 2006

Nowadays, night clubs are very famous in all over the world especially among teenagers. There is a night club in every part of the country. Today, teenagers prefer to hang out in a pub or a night club rather than just go to the cinema and chill out in a café with their friends. Recently, partying at a club is regarded as a hobby for the rich. For example, the Hollywood famous jet set people; Paris Hilton and Nichole Ritchie. They go to the club almost every night. Clubbing also make teenagers become lazy and often wake up late. It also causes damage in their body. Usually, people who go to the club did not only dance instead they usually drink alcohols and sometimes they take drugs to keep them fit throughout the night and so their able to dance all night long. Doping is a kind of drugs which is very popular among clubbers. Some people said that doping is like multivitamins that will keep you on your feet throughout the night. I think clubbing culture is an interesting topic for me to talk about and discuss as part of my culture project. Firstly, I would like to talk about the history of clubbing. A night club is an entertainment venue which does its primary business after dark. A night club is always associated with a dance floor, disco lamp, and a bar. The difference between a night club and a pub is that a pub has got limited space for people to dance on and no DJs. In 1955, Pub is known as the place for cowboys to hang out and drink a beer. Pub is quite famous among cowboys. In early 1970's, people started to get to know about discotheque. However nowadays people refer to it as a nightclub. Basically, a night club enables its customers to do a floor show, to dance and to socialize with other clubbers. The music which is also mixed by the DJ's ranges from jazz, country, pop, and blues all the way to electronic music such as techno and trance, houses, bass and drum. Gathering in night clubs usually involves music by a DJ, dancing and the...
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