Climbing Of Everest Research Paper

Topics: Mount Everest, Earthquake, Earth, Mountaineering, Global warming, RMS Titanic / Pages: 3 (501 words) / Published: Apr 11th, 2016
The climbing of everest is one of the most deadly sports and tasks available to the public today. The chance of dying on everest is 1 in 61.46 people this is a large amount due to the fact that over 200 people climb mount everest, each climbing season. Just last year over 16 people were killed in an avalanche caused by a large earthquake. Although things like avalanches and ice separating kill many people, the most dangerous part of the adventure is climbing down the mountain after reaching the summit. From slipping and falling to many of the possible illnesses that are possible to be obtained from climbing this giant of a mountain.
Getting down the mountain involves many important factors. The effects of elevation sickness usually appear in the process of going down everest. It is much more difficult to descend ice than struggling to use an ice pick to ascend the mountain, this brings the risk of slipping and falling to a sheer sudden death. There is also the chance that someone slips from above and it takes the whole group to their death. Out of the 212 deaths that have occurred on everest, 192 of them are from descending down the mountain. The main cause of death is from the brain leaking fluid from the blood vessels due to the tremendously high altitudes, this is known as cerebral edema. The rest of the deaths are due to fluid in the lungs,
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Douglas Fields it is much more common for death to occur going down than it is going up. About a quarter way down the mountain is when most climbers reach their highest point of exhaustion, this mixed in with the freezing temperatures ends in the result of freezing to death. A death on everest is one of the worst possible ways to die just do to the horrific things that occur before death. Things like confusion, weakness, and the sheer pain of freezing to death. The idea of knowing that you will die once you get to a certain point is one of the worst feelings and you cannot do anything about it in the

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