Clever Manka, Story of an Hour and Gaslight Comparison

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Fiction Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: April 14, 2007
If we compare "Clever Manka" and "Story of An Hour" we see that both are short stories whereas "Gaslight" is a movie. All of the three arts of work have women as protagonist. These three stories also involve a husband and a wife. The main character of "Clever Manka" is Manka who is the daughter of a shepherd. She is very clever, quick in decision making and very just. Louise is the main character of "Story of An Hour". She is a heart patient and she is very emotional and the main character of "Gaslight" is Paula. She is an artist, an English singer who lives in Italy. The character of Manka is different from the other two characters as she is happy with her marriage. Whereas both Louise and Paula are going through the unhappy phase of marriage life. Paula gets married to Gregory with whom she falls in love. Her husband is nice with her in the beginning but then starts to ignore her and tries to drive her insane. Louise is unhappy because of the attitude of her husband towards her. Because of Manka's cleverness she is always triumphant whereas both Louise and Paula are victims of chain of accidents. The themes of all the three works of art are completely different. The theme of "Clever Manka" is that of a fairy-tale like story. As the story begins with "There was once a rich farmer" you can figure out that it's not a true story. It is a fairy-tale between a burgomaster who is all powerful and smart but loses to a poor but a very clever girl. "Story Of An Hour" has a kind of a social tale setting as it describes the status of a women in those times when the women were considered inferior to men. The theme of "Gaslight" is suspense. It's based on a murder that takes place in London. We see differences in the plots of "Clever Manka", "Story Of An Hour" and "Gaslight". "Clever Manka" contains brief episodes each of which showing Manka acting cleverly solving riddles set forth by the burgomaster. There is a husband and wife conflict in the story when the burgomaster...
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