Clean Sweeps Reality Business Plan

Topics: Real estate, Business, Property Pages: 11 (3239 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Clean Sweep Realty Services

Melissa Leath
Tuesday/Thursday 9:30a

NAICS Number: 531110
Table of Contents

Executive Summary3

Description of Products and Services5

Mission Statement6


Company History7

Business and Industry Profile8

Business Strategy9

Marketing Strategy10

Competitor Analysis12

Owner and Officers’ Resumes13

Other Staff14

Potential Problems and Solutions15

Loan Proposal16

Executive Summary
Clean Sweep Realty Services is a Michigan based real estate company that will offer quality renovated real estate properties located in Macomb County. Clean Sweep properties will offer the following company standards in each of its investments: quality tested materials, stylish design updates, energy efficient utilities, and service guarantee for up to one year after the purchase of the home. Sales for Clean Sweep Realty Services are projected to be over $750,000 the first year and will continue to grow to over $1.8 million dollars by the end of the second year.

Clean Sweep Realty Services will target two consumer segments within Macomb County. These markets consist of the employed middle class population looking to escape the renting environment and the employed upper middle class population needing to downsize their home in the face of economic struggle. While there is a lot of competition on the market, Clean Sweep Realty Services believes it can fill a niche in the market by providing high quality renovated properties in lieu of run down houses in despair due to foreclosure or excessive habitation. Through careful budgeting of marketing expenditures, Clean Sweep Realty Services will reach their target by promoting the company’s ethical business practices, quality renovations, experienced staff, devotion to customer service, and commitment to helping the Metro-Detroit Area.

Clean Sweep Realty Services will be led by Melissa Leath as owner and financial officer of the company. Her business education will be supplemented by her officers Joseph Marino, David Jackson, Steven Walters, Ryan Kempa and Christy Green, who together have 67 years of experience in vast array of real estate and renovation talents.

As a benefit of years of trade experience, start up costs for this venture will be relatively low. The contributing abilities of Clean Sweep’s staff require little additional training, cost of tools, office space or transportation. An initial $100,000 loan requested will facilitate the purchase of a property and cover the renovation costs and costs of holding until the property is sold. This will be supplemented with an additional $50,000 from Melissa Leath’s personal savings to cover all holding costs and unexpected costs of the first property purchase. A secondary loan for 100,000 will be requested at a future date when prospective buyer is found for the primary property. Plans to pay off the primary loan will occur within 30 days of sale of the property. Until sufficient profit is made to fund investments and renovations alone, subsequent loans will be requested over the course of the life of the business. According to profit projections, Clean Sweep Realty Services hopes to be able to fund its first investment after six assisted renovations. Description of Products and Services

Clean Sweep Realties will work to become a reputable seller of quality renovated homes in today’s troubled real estate environment. The goal of the company is to buy foreclosed or physically unappealing properties, invest between $25,000 and $40,000 into renovations and place the homes back on the market for sale opportunity.

These goals in our renovations are to provide quality workmanship and materials within our budget. The intent of Clean Sweep Realty Services is ensure stylish and comfortable kitchens, bathrooms; updated exterior and interior walls; quality subfloors, and flooring, and energy efficient windows, water heater and central...
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