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Literature Review



1. Resort Definition


2. Classification of resort hotel


3. Background of resort hotel


4. Elements of resort design


5. Principles of resort Design


6. Functional Relationship


7. Resort location


8. Design consideration



Arba Minch university department of architecture &urban

Literature Review
Definition of resort:
A retreat a sanctuary, a hideaway, a holiday destination a hotel resort! A hotel resort in contrast to the regular hotel establishment, provides accommodation for longer periods of time and offers unique encounters. Resort offer experiences and entertainment activity based upon local attractions which attraction people with the prospects of engaging in the exceptional and the extraordinary. A resort promises an escape in to a world of excitement, pleasure and fantasy where guests are able to relax and unwind. This retreat can be enjoyed by the whole family as children can be cared for and entertained in a safe and stimulating environment an important aspect of resort design is to understand the guest profile. Resort is place used for relaxation/recreation attracting visitors for vacation and tourism. Resorts are place, towns are sometime commercial establishment operated by a single company.

Classification of resort:
Segments from operational and consumer perspectives. This study only represents the first step in the applying the new definition of resorts.

1. Ski
To be considered a destination amenity for a property located in a ski destination (ex. Vail), the property must have one dedicated lift for their guests, direct access to multiple runs, and a range of amenities and activities to indicate skiing as an anchor attribute. For resorts outside of ski destinations, they must have access to a private hill, multiple lifts, five or more runs, and a range of amenities and activities to indicate skiing as an anchor attribute.

2. Beach
To be considered a destination amenity, the resort must be located on the beach (not just access to), have guestonly amenities on the beach, and amenities and activities to indicate the beach as an anchor attribute.

3. Spa
To be considered a destination amenity, a resort must offer a range of activities that include both wet & dry treatments. The spa must offer services that address the areas of health, fitness, and beauty. Properties must also exhibit the ‘sanctuary effect’ for spa goers and provide a secluded area specifically for guests (i.e., lobby, locker room, garden).


Arba Minch university department of architecture &urban

Literature Review
These four categories can be described as, with minimum qualifications of each property, as:

1. Destination Resort
These properties are seen as resorts in the truest sense. They serve as the primary motivation to visit a destination and have characteristically high levels of service. Properties provide most or all amenities throughout a guests’ visit and provide access to substantial recreation or leisure space. Properties frequently have capabilities for meetings/business and meet the minimum resort requirements plus: •

Four signature/anchor amenities

Fifteen or more unique secondary RLE-E(recreation/leisure/entertainment experiences)

Three or more food & beverage outlets

Spa/health/wellness amenities

Multiple shopping outlets

Variety of lodging options

2. Intermediate Resort
These properties can serve as the primary reason to visit a destination but guests can have additional motivations for visiting the resort. Properties frequently provide access to substantial recreation and leisure space and are removed from major population centers. They are very similar to destination Resort properties except for their limited scope of signature or anchor amenities. These properties meet the minimum resort requirements plus provide:

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