Feasibility Analysis for an Ecotourism Hotel in Costa Rica

Topics: Costa Rica, Tourism, Ecotourism Pages: 31 (9568 words) Published: October 26, 2008
La Fuerza
Feasibility Analysis

Summary Of The Concept3
The Destination5
Key Points of the Innovative Idea5
1.1 Industry Age, Size, and Growth Rates6
1.2 Industry Trends and Changes6
1.3 Industry Structure7
1.4 Market Characteristics9
Market Segmentation:9
Ecotourist Profile:10
2.1 Major Competitors (direct, indirect, future) & Market Dominance12 2.2 Bases of Competition in the Industry & Degree of Rivalry13 Local Competitors –13
International Competitors –14
Other Competitors -14
2.3 Self-perception of Competitors15
Local Competitors—15
Other Competitors-16
2.4 Barriers to Entry16
2.5 Controls over Prices17
2.6 Control of Costs18
2.7 Control of Distribution Channels19
3.1 Opportunity / Compelling Need20
3.2 Product or Service Description21
Central Attributes21
Product Range21
Product and Delivery21
3.3 Target Market22
3.4 Unique Benefits24
3.5 Competitive Advantage25
3.6 Risks26
3.7Financial Projections / Bootstrapping Tactics27
Capital Needs27
Gross Margin28
Profit and Loss29
Conclusion & Recommendations31


La Fuerza is project which aims to investigate the implication of an innovative new product in the hotel industry. The concept is derived from the desire and the vision to provide a sanctuary for city dwellers to disconnect themselves from the rush of the outside world by engaging in soul-cleansing activities. The retreat will provide guests with simplicity that is not found in the world today, while the necessities of TV, the internet and the telephone are non-existent for the duration of their stay. They will get the chance to better appreciate the simplest and most beautiful aspects of life. Activities would include harvesting, planting, cooking, learning from other cultures, learning from nature and purifying their soul and body from modern life’s hassles. The group of entrepreneurs believes also on building our project respecting the environment and local communities. Thus, the business will be always designed and operated in a sustainable and responsible manner. The proposal is to set up an eco-tourist hotel that promotes responsible tourism.

Summary Of The Concept
The resort adopts a concept of a lodging facility offering nature-oriented facilities away from the daily rush of modern city life. It aims at attracting city dwellers to a stress-free retreat that is sought to refine the senses and give professionals a chance to escape the grind of the city by providing guests with a notion of a time when simplicity prevailed, when television did not exist and internet was a myth, when fishing was a blessing and farming a need. It is paradise without the modern tools of spas and sophistication, but a dream that was passed on to us from beyond the ages. It is therefore not to be confused with a spa; it is a concept unrivaled and an idea unique in its own right.

La Fuerza would go against all that is offered in modern resorts. It will be a technology-free product that welcomes guests to an experience that is almost forgotten in the all-too-familiar fast-paced world today. There will be no TV, no telephone, no internet, and no access to the outside world unless urgently necessary of course. All belongings would be locked away upon check-in until departure. Such a service would fall under the request of city professionals in dire need of a quieter life for a limited period of just a few days, where the concept of time is swayed to the direction of the breeze and the movement of the sun.

Food served would reflect times where freshness ruled the land. Vegetables, fruits and other food items would be grown on site and used in the resort’s fresh, organic cuisine – a fresh lifestyle, a healthy diet. What can beat a...
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