City and Guilds Coursework for Outcome 2

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Outcome 2.1

Explain the key components of a healthy and safe home based environment

As a childminder I will be providing meals and snacks for the children so I must ensure this is done in a hygienic way. I would regularly disinfect the toilet seat and flush handle, taps and bathroom door handle regularly to stop cross contamination.

When storing, preparing and cooking food I will;
- cover and wrap food in the fridge and keep raw meat at the bottom (to prevent blood dripping onto other foods) - never use foods after they have gone out of date
- defrost food fully before using it
- never to re freeze food that has already been thawed out

Also in the kitchen I would;
- keep equipment and utensils out of reach
- fit cupboard and draw locks
- keep all equipment and surfaces clean
- run the fridge at 4oC-5oC and the freezer at -18oC to stop bacteria multiplying - never change babies nappies or allow the use of potties in the kitchen

As a pet owner I would need to be extra vigilant too. I will ensure that; - I keep floors clean where the pets are allowed
- keep pet food bowls and litter trays out of reach of children - ensure pets are vaccinated & flea and worm treated
- exercise my dog away from the garden
- keep the sand pit covered to keep the cat out
- I would never leave a child alone with any of my pets.
- never allow pets on surfaces such as the kitchen worktops or sofas where the children sit, also not in the beds where the children nap during the day or sleep in at night. - cover pet food kept in the fridge, use a special pet fork to serve pet food and wash up bowls separately to the other washing up

Disposing of waste in a home environment must be done hygienically. I would make sure that; - nappy sacks were used and soiled nappies placed in a proper nappy bin indoors until the childminded children had been collected then this would be emptied daily into my main wheelie bin outside - household rubbish would not be allowed to overflow and again, would be disposed of daily into the main outdoor wheelie bin - potty's wold be emptied immediately down the toilet.

After all these procedures I would wash my hands thoroughly.

Some common objects and materials found in the home can be extremely harmful to children so these would be kept out of reach and sight. Some examples of these would be;
- gardening and DIY equipment
- medicines and tablets
- matches and sharp objects such as knives, scissors and razor blades - household cleaners
- polythene bags
- alcohol and cigarettes
- plants that could be poisonous

Outcome 2.2

Explain the principles of safe supervision of children in the home based setting and off site

An important part of my role as a childminder in maintaining children's safety and well-being is to supervise them. They may need; Constant supervision where I would watch them at every moment, Close supervision where I would watch them most of the time and be there to step in and take action if their safety is at risk or they might need general supervision where I would check on them regularly and keep an eye on them from a distance.

When we are out and about I will ensure children are strapped into pushchairs properly with a 5 point harness, other small children that may not be in a pushchair but have not been long out of one may require reins or at least to be sure they are holding onto the pushchair. I would always ensure children walk on the inside of the pavement and not next to the road. If I have older (school age) children I might pair them and get them to hold hands or maybe get the older child, say a child over the age of 8 to hold hands with a younger child. This gives the older child responsibility and a sense of importance within our group and also sets a good example to the younger children. When out in the dark (winter) I would use fluorescent jackets for each child and have reflective stickers on the pushchair so we can be seen clearly.

I would always...
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