citric acid

Topics: Citric acid, Oxygen, Lemon Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: November 14, 2013
Citric Acid
Names of chemical substance- Chemical formula: C6H8O7. Elements present in citric acid are; carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Bonding- All the elements in citric acid are non-metals. Citric acid has a covalent bond type. History- in the 8th century jabir ibn hayyar a Persian alchemist was credited with the discovery of citric acid. in 1784 the separation of citric acid from citrus fruits occurred when Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele separated citric acid from lemon juice. The next big discovery happened in 1893, when c. Wehmer discovered that citric acid can also be produced from sugar. Uses- Citric acid is found naturally in citrus fruits especially lemons, limes and oranges. Any fruit which has a sour taste would contain high amounts of citric acid e.g. pineapples, mangoes. Several types of berries like black berries and raspberries also contain high amounts of citric acid. Citric acid can be used as a food additive, to preserve food items, in soft drinks, tea, skin care, and hair care. Production- Citric acid shows large amounts of chelation, ability to bond with metals and minerals. This particular property of citric acid is used to digest certain minerals ingested by us. Our systems easily absorb the chelated substances. That is the reason why calcium supplements are solid in the form of calcium citrate. Health and safety- citric acid is not a vitamin or a mineral but it does have many benefits for your health. It is known as an alkalinizing agent, meaning it neutralises excess acid in your blood and urine. Citric acid increases effectiveness of the digestive system by regulating the pH in the digestive tract. It also helps break down fatty foods and increases appetite.
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