Cisco Case Study

Topics: Mergers and acquisitions Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Cisco Case Study
1. Identify what you believe are the most important elements (criteria, processes, specific actions, etc.) of Cisco’s approach to selecting and integrating acquisitions. For each of the elements you have identified, describe why it is important? (What is its purpose)? As we know, Cisco is a high-tech IT Corporation and also a strategic buyer, in other words; it is interested in making a profit by managing any potential IT business for an extended period by separate subsidiary or merger in to Cisco. Hence, Cisco has its own criteria for screening and intergrading acquisitions. In terms of selecting, I found “IT industry” (market segment), “complementary technology or products which can be supported by Cisco’s support organization” (product line), “similar culture with Cisco” (cultural compatibility) and location criteria, as can be seen from Exhibit 6. It is important because it provides the guideline of potential candidates for Cisco. In terms of integration process, I found several criteria and processes among the integration process, and I presented them with their purposes as follows. (1) Integration planning. Cisco has its timeline for each integrated processes such as converting acquired company to Cisco’s MRP system, employ acceptable detect deduction process, adopting Cisco’s NPI methodology and so on. Generally, it will be finished within90 days and enable Cisco to create profits from new acquisition ASAP. (2) Mandatory Integration Steps: merging information systems, aligning current processes, and implementing ongoing methodologies. I think these steps were functional integration and were primary focus on manufacturing. It includes “how to converting information of parts, materials and suppliers in to Cisco’s MRP system; “how to evaluating the quality of supplier”; “the benchmark of products quality” such as ISO standard; “NPI new product information system”. By applying this process, Cisco effetely lowered its cost and...
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