cis121 chapter 2 and 3

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Global variables and constants are known to the entire program.

When you write programs, you work with data in three different forms: ____. a. variables; literals, or unnamed constants; and named constants

The priming read is an example of a(n) ____ task.
a. housekeeping

A ____ variable is not used for input or output, but instead is just a working variable that you use during a program's execution. c. temporary

A ____ read is an added statement that gets the first input value in a program. d. priming

____ is where a variable's data type or other information is stored as part of the name. c. Hungarian notation

With a(n) ____, you perform an action or task, and then you perform the next action, in order. d. sequence structure

A variable's unknown value is commonly called ____.
c. garbage

The do loop is a variation of the ____ loop.
b. while

In older languages, you could leave a selection or loop before it was complete by using a ____ statement. c. go to

A(n) ____ is similar to a variable, except it can be assigned a value only once. c. named constant

____ is the process of paying attention to important properties while ignoring nonessential details. c. Abstraction

Programmers say that variables and constants declared within a module are ____ only within that module. b. in scope

The following pseudocode is an example of ____.
if conditionA is true then
do stepE
do stepB
do stepC
do stepD
a. nesting

The process of breaking down a large program into modules is called ____. b. modularization

Programmers refer to programs that contain meaningful names as ____. a. self-documenting

Attaching structures end to end is called ____ structures.
b. stacking

An ____ is most often represented by a three-sided box that is connected to the step it references by a dashed  line.
c. annotation symbol

As programs become larger and more complicated, the need for good planning and design ____ .
d. increases

Programs that use _____ code logic are unstructured programs that do not follow the rules of structured  logic.
b. spaghetti

You may hear programmers refer to looping as ____.
d. iteration

Depending on the programming language being used, modules are also known as ____ . c. subroutines, procedures, or methods

The process of naming program variables and assigning a type to them is called ____ variables. a. declaring

The case structure is a variation of the ____ structure.
d. selection

A loop must return to the ____ question at some later point in a structure. a. loop-controlling

When a program has several modules calling other modules, programmers often use a program ____, which operates similarly to an organizational chart, to show the overall picture of how modules are related to one another. d. hierarchy chart

Declaring a starting value for a variable is known as ____ the variable. a. initializing

One way to straighten out an unstructured flowchart segment is to use the ____ method. d. spaghetti bowl

The assignment operator is the ____ sign.
d. =

The following pseudocode is an example of ____.
do stepA
do stepB
if conditionC is true then
do stepD
do stepE
while conditionF is true
do stepG
a. stacking

A specific numeric value is often called a(n) ____.
a. numeric constant

The following pseudocode is an example of a ____ structure.
get number
while number is positive
add to sum
get number
d. loop

In an assignment statment, the part of the statement on the left-hand side of the equal sign is called what? b. lvalue

When the variable starts with a lowercase letter and any subsequent word begins with an uppercase letter,  this is called ____.
d. camel casing

The mainline logic of almost every procedural computer program consists of these three distinct parts: ____ . c. housekeeping tasks, detail loop tasks, and end-of-job tasks

The following pseudocode...
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