Circulatory System

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Circulatory System
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April Nixon

The heart and lungs are both found in the circulatory system. There are also blood vessels which play an important part in the human body’s circulatory system. The heart serves as a pump; the blood vessels, which carry the blood throughout the body; and lastly, the blood, which is a vital component for the basic functioning of the human body, and which is processed after the intake into the human lungs from the atmosphere.

The human heart is a crucial organ of the human body. Its main tasks is to pump blood through the body, constantly receiving, purifying, and dishing out blood to various parts of the body. Basically the human heart is the container of life for all human beings. Without the heart the human body would perish.

There are two lungs in the human body. Their task is to supply oxygen to the heart. The intake of air while breathing is carried out by the lungs, the oxygen is then added into the blood and then transported to the heart. Blood is transported to the lungs via the heart, and this blood is then oxygenated and the remaining components are released back into the air.

Technically speaking blood vessels are not organs however, their presence are essential in the circulatory system. Blood vessels are stretched out to every single part of the body and there are hundreds of thousands of these vessels intertwined in an endless network within the body. The main functions of blood and blood vessels are; they carry oxygen to the body, and removes carbon dioxide from the body, they carry nutrients to the various parts of the body, they help in the removal of waste products from the body, they regulate the temperature within the body, they help protect against various disease and infections, and they help in the blood clotting process, in order to prevent excessive bleeding in the event of an injury.


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