Circuit Board Fabricators, Inc. Case Analysis

Topics: Quality, Working time, The Final Pages: 3 (655 words) Published: November 21, 2010
1. What type of process flow structure is CBF using?
Circuit Board Fabricators Inc. uses a job shop process flow structure. The job shop process flow structure is a production of small batches of a large number of different products.The job shop process is also a flexible operation that has several activities through which work can pass. In a job shop, it is not necessary for all activities to be performed on all products, and their sequence may be different for different products.CBF, Inc. bases its board fabrication process on the average job size or on its typical order. 2. Diagram the process in a manner similar to Exhibit 6.7

1. Order Acceptance Engineering

2. NC Machine Programming Engineering

3. Board Fabrication

a. Load Fabrication 5 0.33

b. Clean Fabrication 0.5

c. Coat Fabrication 0.5

d. Unload Fabrication 0.33

e. Expose Fabrication 15 1.72

f. Load Fabrication 5 0.33

g. Develop Fabrication 0.33

h. Inspect Fabrication 0.5

i. Bake Fabrication 0.33

j. Unload Fabrication 0.33

k. Drilling Fabrication 15 1.5

l. Copper Plate Fabrication 5 0.2

m. Final Test Quality Assurance 15 2.69

4. Shipping
Total per Part: 9.59

3. Analyze the capacity of the process
The first thing to consider is the process of cleaning and coating of the boards. This particular process involves the set-up of the machines, the loading of the boards, and the actual cleaning and coating of the said boards by the machines. From the computations above, it is clearly illustrated that there is a disparity between the loading of the boards into the machines and the output of the cleaning and the coating machines. The loading rate exceeds that of the cleaning and coating capacities. So the capacity of the flow process is at an imbalance. On the other hand, It appears that some of the stations may be run by an inefficient amount of operators.

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