Church history quiz 1

Topics: Pope, Bishop, Christianity Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Be able to match descriptions with key figures in the early Church history. Ambrose: 1. Popular political leader in Milan. 2. Drafted as bishop in 374 Athanasius: 1. Elder and eventually bishop of Alexandria. 2. Was exiled several times Augustine: 1. Became a believer under Ambrose. 2. Became boshop of hippo 3. Strongly against Donatists and Pelagians. Chtysostom: 1. An elder and eventually a bishop (against his will) in Antioch. Cyril: 1. Bishop of Alexandria. 2. Viewed Jesus as one person. Donatus: North African bishop.

Ignatius: 1. Bishop of Antioch 2. Argued the fundamental importance of bishops. 3. First person to mention universal catholic Church. Irenaeus: 1. A disciple of Ploycarp, bishop of Lyons and the first of the great theologians. 2. believed to be martyred Justin: 1. Principal apologist of the second century. 2. Slain as a martyr. Marcion: 1. Wealthy ship owner who started preaching in Rome. 2. Challenged orthodox Christianity. 3. Excommunicated in 144 Montanus: 1. Converted to Christianity from heathen priesthood. 2. He had two prophetess. Nestorius: 1. Bishop of Laodicea. 2. Was rejected by the orthodox Christian Church. Novatian: 1.Believed that people who left the Church shouldn't be able to return. He was condemned as a heretic. Origen: 1. Considered to be the to be the first truly systematic theologian. 2. Known for speculative theology. Patrick: 1. Taken to Ireland as a slave at 16. 2. He started the spread of Christianity in Ireland. Pelagius: 1. British monk that lived in Rome and Palestine. 2. Strongly opposed by Augustine and Jerome. Sabellius: 1. 3rd century priest. 2. Believed that Father, Son and Holy Spirit where just different names for God. Tertullian: 1.A Roman lawyer, first of the “Latin Fathers”. 2. critiqued pagans for their Idolatry, persecution and bloodshed, Heritics for there false views of the trinity and Jews for rejecting their Messiah.

Be able to match descriptions with key figures in th middle age Church. Bernard...
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